We at Liebo Builders are a proudly owned family business. We have been in the real estate development and custom home building industry for over 12 years. We recently decided to offer our services to cover all types of home improvement and remodeling jobs. Because of the structure of our company we are able to offer a service and product that is of very high quality at competitive pricing. We believe in quality, service, communication, and never leaving a job until our client is fully satisfied.

Our professional craftsmen will do plumbing, tiling, carpentry, electrical work and all other jobs to complete you’re project. Our project managers will hold your hand through the process and make the experience pleasant and stress free.

Liebo Builders is experienced in different kinds of projects. We have done thousands of kitchen remodeling jobs, as well as bathroom remodeling jobs. Many clients know us as the leaders in this industry in Los Angeles. Besides the remodeling business, we also do exterior projects, patios, wooden decks, retaining walls and driveways all crafted to perfection. Our professionalism and expertise make us an outstanding asset in all remodeling and renovation jobs you need.

You can ask our professionals all the questions you might have. We will be happy to assist you on a daily basis, especially during the project duration. ABC Home Liebo Builders will keep you updated about the details in each segment of the project. This way, we ensure that you are aware of all actions we undertake, so you can offer some suggestions and specific ideas. We will listen to your wishes carefully, because our ultimate goal is your satisfaction.

Let us show you the difference of a family owned company where we care about our client, allow us to welcome you to the family. Hope to hear from you soon, The Liebowitz family

Custom Home Construction

If you are planning to renovate your existing house or planning to build a magnificent new home, then you are at  the right place. Liebo Builders are custom home builders that specialize in remodeling existing houses and constructing new homes in the Los Angeles, CA area. We have been involved in the luxury home building industry for more than 12 years. Through ou high quality building services and attention to detail, we have established ourselves as a company that is reliable, dynamic and innovative.We offer cost effective olutions for new luxury home building and home renovations due to our ability to purchase stock at very low prices. We take your new home ideas and turn them into reality with our professional teams of custom home builders. You can rest assured that we will take care of your home building project to the finest details. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that our professional luxury home builders are constructing your dream home. Our cost effective approach ensures that you get value for your money.We offer a wide range of new home designs and home remodeling plans to suit any taste and budget. We accommodate all your custom home building ideas to deliver the house of your dreams. From decorating options to providing plans for new homes, we offer affordable solutions. Our range of completed new houses is available throughout the Los Angeles, CA area, should you choose to purchase a ready built home. Our teams of luxury home builders have constructed impressive new homes, specifically designed for the modern family. This provides you with the option to build your new home on your own property or purchase a completed new house. We go to great lengths to ensure that your new or remodeled house is as unique as you are. Our teams of luxury home builders deliveryp top quality construction and decorative finishes to any home building project they undertake. The numbers of satisfied home owners that have used our services, speak for itself.